Nadia Marouf


Projects ranging from photography and woodwork to projection mapping. With a focus on conceptual creating, research and storytelling.

When we talk about intimacy and touch, we often quickly think about the connection between two or more people. In ‘For the Love of Touch’, Nadia explores intimacy without ‘the other’, using photography and other media…

L’OUF is a collaboration between Nadia Marouf and Kim Leunen, where they take a playful and experimental approach to videomapping and projection art. 

Little bits and pieces of illustration, graphic design, collage, and experimental arts. These are more intuitive expressions of curiosities and fascination. 

A diary of creations made without context or concept, a playful exploration and capturing of the world around us. Sketches, ideas, snapshots and some writings. 

Illustrator, photographer, allround Visual creative

Nice to meet you! I’m an Amsterdam-based allround creator, with a passion for photography, story-writing and dance.