Nadia Marouf

About Me

In my work, a continual collaboration with ‘the underdog’ takes place. These underdogs can take the forms of people, situations, objects, materials or concepts. Things we don’t deem valuable, people we take for granted and ideas we regard unimportant. Out of fascination and emotion, I take these blind spots as an inspiration and basis for my work.

I am always looking for a bigger meaning in anything I create. Whether it is the possibility of bringing people together, reaching out to specific groups or just making the world a bit kinder, more fun or beautiful. With a lighthearted approach and often with subtle humour, I try to take the viewer along in my admiration and appreciation for the undervalued, and the potential and beauty I find in it. 


2022 Exhibition at Seksfestival at Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht
2021 Exhibition ‘Faam x Intiem’ at GGD Utrecht
2021 Exhibition ‘Toevlucht’ at Havenloods Utrecht
2019 Publication ‘Long Story Short’
2019 Graduation Project ‘For the Love of Touch’
2019 Installation ‘Biechtboom’, Betweter Festival
2019 Projection Mapping for H&M x Moscino launch party, Amsterdam
2018 Creation of and publication in ‘Anders Kijken’ Catalogue
2018 Project ‘Anders Kijken’ commissioned by Achmea Nederland
2018 Organization of and participation in magazine launch ‘So Future/Not So Future’
2018 Projection mapping and solo exhibition at Club Claire, Amsterdam
2017 Organization of and participation in group exhibition ‘Wildgroei’, Utrecht
2017 Solo exhibition at Klein Berlijn, Utrecht


L’OUF Projection Collective – Co-creator

Studio FURR Collective – Co-creator

Internship with Studio Kleiner, Stockholm, Sweden

Bachelor in Design; Illustration (and photography courses) at ‘Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht’, Utrecht, the Netherlands

First and Second Year’s Degree: Fine Arts at ‘ArtEZ’, Arnhem. the Netherlands

Projects ranging from photography and woodwork to projection mapping. With a focus on conceptual creating, research and storytelling.

Little bits and pieces of illustration, graphic design, collage, and experimental arts. These are more intuitive expressions of curiosities and fascination. 

A diary of creations made without context or concept, a playful exploration and capturing of the world around us. Sketches, ideas, snapshots and some writings. 

Illustrator, photographer, allround Visual creative

Nice to meet you! I’m an Amsterdam-based allround creator, with a passion for photography, story-writing and dance.