Senses of a Moonchild

It is in the dark that we shine the brightest

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Boudoir Photography

There is power in capturing your sultry feminine essence through the lens of a camera. How deeply can you melt into the presence of your body and allow your sensual energy to unfold into raw radiance? Let me guide you into a space of self-love, self-seduction and pleasure and (re)discover yourself in authentic sensual portraits. 

Conscious Design & Identity

Creating a brand identity and content is about so much more than just marketing. It is about understanding the core of your purpose and your gifts and translating them into the right words and images. Together we create a harmonious whole through which you can share your message with your audience in the most connected way.

Sensual Dance & Embodiment

Somatic dance therapy and trauma-informed sensual embodiment: Through a potent mixture of different techniques, sensual dance and embodiment can unlock our inner world. In connecting with and moving our bodies, we connect back to our spirit. What are we holding onto that no longer serves us, can we find the blockages that are holding us back? Can we deepen into our truest form of feminine sensual expression and can we surrender to the flow.