Nadia Marouf

Illustration & Graphic

Little bits and pieces of illustration, graphic design, collage, and experimental arts. These are more intuitive expressions of curiosities and fascination. 


An ongoing experimental exploration in creating new worlds with chemigrams, through intuitive processes using photographic paper and chemicals in the dark room.


Scraps is a series of collages, built on someone else’s memories. Using discarded scraps of deformed images from someone else’s childhood photos, it questions sentimentality by creating a new story from thrown-away parts of a memory.

As an artist, I love to work with underdogs. Wether it is people, objects, materials or even concepts. Things we discard with ease, people we overlook as a society; I like to call them blind spots. I usually find a lot of beauty, potential and inspiration in these blind spots and try to share this vision (and appreciation) through my projects. Here I saved the scraps, rejected from someone else’s story, and let them create their own story. Their own memory.


A few comic strips combined into a little booklet. About what life would be like if we didn’t have faces anymore and changing expressions would take a bit more effort..

This project came from a fascination for how much we communicate with our facial expressions. Words simply don’t mean the same if our faces are not in tune with what we’re saying. It turned into a fantasy about a future where very suddenly we’d lose our facial features; nose, mouth, eyes, eyebrows, ears, cheeks. How would we interact? Still being used to all the expressions we convey with our faces, we would have to get creative. How about masks? Yes, masks were the answer.


Illustration booklet dedicated to Algernon, one of the many lovely birds in Anders Nilsen’s Big Questions.

Many credits for this project go to Mr. Nilsen and his lovely characters, especially Algernon. Reading Nilsen’s graphic novel, Algernon stole my heart from his first appearance in the story. He’s a little guy with a broken heart and a bit of bad luck. In this booklet I tell his story in my own dreamy way. For the full story (and in general) I’d advise everyone to read the amazing Big Questions.

Projects ranging from photography and woodwork to projection mapping. With a focus on conceptual creating, research and storytelling.

A diary of creations made without context or concept, a playful exploration and capturing of the world around us. Sketches, ideas, snapshots and some writings. 

Illustrator, photographer, allround Visual creative

Nice to meet you! I’m an Amsterdam-based allround creator, with a passion for photography, story-writing and dance.