Scraps is a series of collages, built on someone else’s memories. A friend of mine
was doing a project about dementia. Using images from his childhood photo albums
and deforming them, he asked questions about memories, forgetting, remembering
and the role photography plays in that.

During his project, he left a lot of scraps lying around, remains of paper and scans,
ready to be thrown in the bin. Inspired by his thoughts and questions about
memories, I decided I wanted to work with these thrown away parts of a story/

As an artist, I love to work with underdogs. Wether it is people, objects, materials or
even concepts. Things we discard with ease, people we overlook as a society; I like
to call them blind spots. I usually find a lot of beauty, potential and inspiration in
these blind spots and try to share this vision (and appreciation) through my projects.

And so I saved these scraps, rejected from his story, and let them create their own
story. Their own memory.

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