The more time we spend on the edge between bliss and despair, pain and pleasure, life and death, the more the divide between those dualities, dissolves.

The transmutation of pain and suffering is an ancient art. Reclaiming trauma, a painful state of being, or discomfort, and choosing this from a place of love and trust, is a powerful practice. 

In expainsion, I invite you into a space of transcendence through surrender and pain play. Reduced to a sea of sensations, the body dissolves and with it any sense of ‘I’, the ego and the human beingness we are so attached to. We will linger on the edge between bliss and despair, until the divide disappears. 

It will allow you to come to states of deep release from our human cycle of desiring and resisting, and to expand into full surrender to only that what purely is. Coming to our core of boundless existence and presence.